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Mr. Al Pete

Founder of The MPN Network/Hip Hop Musician/DJ/Journalist/Podcaster

Mr. Al Pete is a Hip Hop musician, podcaster, journalist, and the founder of Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood/The MPN Network.
Created in 2012, MPN reached instant success with themed ‘warehouse’ parties and the birth of two sub brands: Fly Socks and Tees and The Groove Suite, which was created in 2014. While hosting multiple events, The Groove Suite Podcast was formed to showcase the Neo Soul, Progressive, and other related genres’ music and artists from Jacksonville, Florida and around the United States. In August of 2016, Pete began working with the internet radio station The Sound of Duval by hosting his online radio mix show ‘Cubicle Music Mondays.’
Wanting to expand into the network realm, in January of 2020, Pete created The MPN Network, along with The Neighborhood Podcast Network, which hosts a range of podcasts from Jacksonville, Florida. The network is continuously being innovative and working to tell more stories of various creators of music, the arts, influencers and their purpose, through collective mediums.

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Nov. 15, 2022

Dripping in Mister Peterson's Neighborhood

On this episode of the Dripping in Black Podcast, we are Dripping in Mister Peterson's Neighborhood with Mr. Al Pete. Al Pete is an accomplished hip-hop musician, podcaster, and journalist, as well as the founder of the MPN ...

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