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Robert Murphy

Author, Educational consultant

ROBERT A. MURPHY is an author, consultant, and career educator for 28 years, he has worked at the building, district, and state level.
Mr. Murphy earned his B.A. degree from Morgan State University and his Master of Education from Goucher College. Murphy concentrated his experience to the most vulnerable student populations - Title I, McKinney-Vento, Alternative Education, African American students, students at-risk, neglected populations, and special education populations, particularly emotionally distressed.
Mr. Murphy led a forty-two stakeholder groups while co- revising the Maryland Public Schools Student Code of Discipline. He also collaborated with local school systems to reduce the number of suspensions in Maryland Public Schools. During Mr. Murphy’s tenure at the Maryland State Department of Education, suspensions for white students declined by 67%, while African American declined 51%, while maintaining safety and security for students and staff. While at Lake Forest School District Murphy reduced suspensions by 20%. Murphy also lowered the state dropout rate 25% while at the Department.
Murphy’s knowledge, humility, sense of humor, and desire to help educators, thus children has made him a sought-after presenter. Delivering professional development to educators both nationally and internationally. Currently, he is president of Comprehensive Discipline Solutions an education and human services company.

Nov. 29, 2022

Dripping in Education, Discipline, and Solutions

On this episode of the Dripping in Black Podcast, we are Dripping in Education, Discipline, and Solutions with Robert Murphy. Robert is President of Comprehensive Discipline Solutions as well as an educator with a vast amount...

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