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My name is Yamashita Uzcher Paines, and I am from the lovely island of French St. Matrin. I’m a mother of four, wife as well as an entrepreneur. I came to America in the early 90’s, and soon attended the prestigious Duke Ellington School of Art in Washington, D.C. where I studied museum studies and visual arts. While there I enrolled in the High Skip Program allowing me to take college courses while still in High School. Soon thereafter I attended Howard University graduating with my Bachelors in Fine Arts, and interned at NPR and the famed Fisher Gallery.
I am the true definition of a real Caribbean “gyal.” We always have more than one job at a time. For example, soon after graduating I worked at the Smithsonian Museum, cooked professionally at my family’s restaurant, while modeling and being a mom and wife. What can I say…life happens.
In 2013, I came to Detroit while going through a turbulent divorce. At first it was very difficult adjusting to a new landscape but with grit, love and support, I was able to work successfully. I had numerous jobs from Sales Associate with Adam’s Meats, to Lead Coordinator at Fidelis Insurance, to Asst. Director of Activities and Hartford Nursing & Rehab Center. All the while I continued developing my business, Y.U.P, by doing hair & make-up, event catering, and selling art-inspired lifestyle products and my original art pieces.
Y.U.P., Inc. officially began in 2004 in Maryland when I started a fashion line of accessories and t-shirts. Y.U.P. stands for “Your Unique Perspective,” and is an umbrella of all things I love most, namely food, fashion, and art. Y.U.P. represents all facets of making this world more beautiful. It’s about elevating the beauty and elegance of any event, home, dish, make-up or hairstyle. And Y.U.P is grateful to have successfully served clients like the African Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum, Ciena Healthcare, the Idlewild Film Festival, and hundreds of private clients, both individuals and businesses.
For 2023, I’m so excited to further my original art sales, launch a new fashion apparel line in partnership with Yellow Door Brand as well launch my own accessories line, take on more interior design projects, and expand my MUA business by accepting new private clients.

Feb. 14, 2023

Dripping in Y.U.P Life featuring Yamashita Paines

On this episode of the Dripping in Black Podcast, we are Dripping in Y.U.P Life with Yamashita Uzcher Paines. Yama, a self-proclaimed real Caribbean “gyal”, discusses her journey from the island of French St. Martin, to D.C.,...

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